Deco Dish Garden

Great For Indoor or on shaded patio Muti Plants formed together into a green paradise dish garden avail in multiple sizes Large shown is aprox 24-28″ tall

Med and Small avail to call for more details


Multi Color Orchid Basket

For people with a green thumb designer orchid baskets come with multi stems of blooming orchids . These are great as the flowers on these last for weeks!

Price:$ 95.00

Hawks Cay Gazebo

White Calla on Gazebo Spray

Moved to the reception later These Sprays muti purpose  for ceremony then to

Sand and Shell Candle

Candle and Shell Rental Available

Tropical Bamboo 4 Post with Orchids

Rose and Mum Topiary on Glass Tower

Table Centerpiece Underwater

Tropical Bouquet

Hawks Cay Weddings