Tropical Mix

10301189_10152341363948194_5431613404429990742_nThis tropical bouquet features green cymbidium  orchids from New Zealand . mixed with white and pink calla from Holland  gives a neutral but  still tropical feel for this beach wedding .

Premium bouquet  like this start at 185.00 and go up according to season and finished size

Mixed Tall Glass With Floating Candles

270546_492340864131608_2134235759_nA beautiful Glowing Mix of Candles and Rich Color . This bride had white flowers with dark copper chargers  and dark chairs  each plate accented with peach colored rose to make the table pop  with  glowing votives and more floating candles  gave this room an incredible feel  .

Classic All White Calla Bouquet

10256377_10152355903723194_7649007413824343846_nAccented with a small piece of tropical leaf   Classic Calla Lilly Bouquet , This bouquet has about 25 stems of mini (med size ) premium calla

This bouquet starts at 150.00  and goes up depending on finished size

Mixed blush and cream roses for Garden Wedding

Cream and Blush roses accented by Big Pale Pink Peonies  for our Bride  , with Baby’s Breath and roses and Pale pink  Carns for the bridesmaids  . This Lush Bridal Bouquet is one of our favorites

mixed roses and peony

mixed roses and peony

Weddings Hawks Cay Gazebo

A Beautiful Thick Layer Of Peach Color Rose Petals Accented By Cream Make The Isle Pop!

A Garden of Curly Willow And Peach Roses  Accents  The Gazebo

Dozen Assorted Pink Roses

Long Stem Assortments Of Light To Dark Pink With Bow and Purple Filler

Accented With Pink Bow For Someone Sweetheart

Dz Starting at 55.00 + Delivery

Mango Calla Lillies With Tropical Foliage

Hot Like The Sunset A Beautiful Collection Of Callas Different Natural Variations Of Orange Colors Match The Sunset In Hues Of Light And Dark Orange  , Tropical Greens Frame it Setting Off This Color Pop

Sunflower and Blue Orchid

A beautiful vase of sunflowers and blue orchids made for a function we hosted is one of our favorites  ,Green Bells of Ireland and yellow solidago accents complete the design . We still have a couple of these Lazer cut vases a beautiful keepsake to fill all the time

Tropical Sunset

With All The Tropical Colors This Is A Wonderful Gift For Anyone In The Keys. Made In  Basket

This Has A live Orchid Plant Incorporated Into It ,Surrounded By Yellow Lilies, Birds Of Paradise Orange Roses and Agapanthus  After The Flowers Pass The Plant Will Re Bloom In Months To Come

Large Vase With Premium Collection

This went out to a great customer of our for a housewarming gift.Filled with all premium flowers and exotics this is definitely a statement piece.Green Cymbidium orchids from Holland ,blue hydrangea ,orange tropical colored lilies  and agapanthus accented by pincushion protea and sea grass .Vase and flowers stand over 30″ tall